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Hannover Messe 2023

After a long week of networking, learning, and fun, we’re back from Hannover Messe 2023

This annual show, one of the most important trade events in Europe, is a 1 week celebration of all things industry. Covering subjects from materials to logistics and beyond, and bringing together over 250,000 attendees from around the world, Hannover Messe was a chance to bring the benefits of RoboLive® to an even wider audience.

While Hannover Messe is a broadly-focused show, each year does focus on specific themes. Among this year’s key topics was Industry 4.0, the digital transformation currently revolutionizing manufacturing. Of course, it’s a subject our team of robotics professionals is uniquely suited to discuss.

Our solution RoboLive® combines analysis, documentation, and visualization tools into a comprehensive software solution that increases productivity and improves production quality. It’s a development that’s taking factories around the world into the modern era, with our software helping keep operations in line at major automotive and components manufacturers. Manufacturers and system integrators alike benefit from RoboLive® on a daily basis—and everyone we met was certainly excited to see it in action at Hannover Messe. From our vantage point in the Lower Saxony “Digitization” pavilion, we were able to meet with dozens of manufacturers and give demonstrations showing just how powerful RoboLive® is. We also took part in the show’s “Startup Speed Dating” event, a meet and greet session designed to give up-and-coming innovators a chance to connect.

Now that the show is winding down, our team is ready to get back in action providing the automation solutions that keep robotic production processes running smoothly. It’s been a long road from our first exhibition last year at Control 2022 in Stuttgart, and we’ve enjoyed every step along the way. Feedback from stakeholders is how we continue to improve RoboLive®, and it’s how we can continue making our contribution to the digital transformation of manufacturing automation.

Hannover Messe is just the beginning of an action packed year for the RoboLive® team. We’re set to appear next at Hamburg’s 2023 Auto Summit in May, and again in the United States for the FABTECH trade show in Chicago—check out our schedule for a full list, and view our HM23 exhibitor profile if you weren’t able to attend the show for yourself.

Of course, you don’t need to wait for a public appearance if you’re eager for a closer look at RoboLive® . We’re happy to provide live demonstrations or custom consultations at your convenience. Get in touch with our team today for more information, and follow our LinkedIn for the latest RoboLive® updates and news.




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