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A new relationship with your data.

RoboLive® is a toolset that reduces overall commissioning time and provides insights for production systems which utilize industrial robots.


Complex systems are highly susceptible to hidden errors.

RoboLive® enables manufacturers and commissioners to identify and correct these underlying vulnerabilities before they become product defects.


  • Programming efficiency
  • Program quality
  • Process visibility


  • Intelligent insights about processes and equipment
  • Theoretical and physical environment interoperability
  • Automation and standardization of tasks and documentation
  • Ubiquitous, comprehensive, intuitive information access org-wide


Process Visualization

Ditch the spreadsheets. Interact with your processes the same way you interact with your products: geometrically in 3D.

Path Calibration

Forget teaching paths from scratch. Align theoretical robot paths to actual equipment with a minimal number of inputs.

Vehicle-0 Determination

No laser trackers needed. Attain mathematically optimal coordinate systems to represent positions in the most useful way.

Robot Software Overview

Understand key characteristics about your equipment in a jiffy.

Logic Insertion

If there's a standard...use it! Let the power and consistency of automation perform the tedious programming basics.

Robot Documentation

Get a technical manual for each robot system in your preferred format, always up to date.

Outcomes for Manufacturers

Improve quality and uptime while lowering costs and mitigating risks. 

Outcomes for Commissioners

Decrease commissioning hours and project timelines. Increase programming and product quality.

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