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Production Robots

RoboLive® is a unique toolset that reduces overall commissioning time
and provides insights for production systems
which utilize industrial robots.

RoboLive® is our solution for the analysis, optimization, and commissioning of robotic production processes.


Increase the quality of your production while reducing cost, risk, and downtime with RoboLive®.

Why should you use RoboLive® during production?

System Integrators

Shorter commissioning time with less effort – at higher quality.

Why should you use RoboLive® during commissioning?


RoboLive® includes five elements for identifying, preventing, and eliminating weak points before and during production:

Process Visualization

Ditch the spreadsheets. Interact with your processes the same way you interact with your products: geometrically in 3D.

Path Calibration

Forget teaching paths from scratch. Align theoretical robot paths to actual equipment with a minimal number of inputs.

Vehicle-0 Determination

No laser trackers are needed. Attain mathematically optimal coordinate systems to represent positions in the most useful way.

Software Overview

Understand key characteristics about your equipment in a jiffy.

Robot Documentation

Get a technical manual for each robot system in your preferred format, always up to date.

Want to learn more about RoboLive® elements? Click here for more details:

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