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Robolive elements

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1. Element


The process visualization provides visual and parametric data in an intuitive interface. It shows both planned and actual data (retrieved from robots), and extensive insights about problems, discrepancies, and improvements.

Focus: Bestfit

Bestfit1bN Bestfit1aN

Coordinate systems are not required to be accurate to show processes where they exist in reality.

RoboLive® intelligently corrects coordinates using its ‘Bestfit’ algorithm.

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Robot Path Calibration

Have a ‘good’ robot path that’s just in the wrong place? 

RoboLive® will fix it, with a minimal number of inputs.

1. Simulation
2. Reality
3. Calibration
4. Solution


Realize Offline Programs

Adjust simulated programs to real conditions quickly and easily. Real path creation no longer involves extensive path teaching; it is a matter of simulation, calibration, and validation.

Relocate Equipment

Fixture, tool, and even entire robot relocation is painless. Pre-existing programs can be reused at new locations in no time.

Standardize Paths

Make the perfect program, then use it everywhere. Common equipment that robots interact with often requires the same paths around it. Don't remake the perfect program for each instance.


Workload Leveling

You no longer need to be onsite with functional equipment access to create highly effective robot paths.

Reduced Rework

Simulation environments show the full picture, including future or not installed equipment and robot paths a programmer could easily forget when programming paths online.

Improved Efficiency

Extensive simulation tools like swept volumes, angle interpolation, and instant positioning make offline path creation much faster than online.

Reduced Risk

No equipment or parts are damaged in simulations​.

Full Flexibility

RoboLive® can shift specific points, an entire program, all points using a frame in any programs, or even all programs of an entire robot. Your wish is its command.

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Vehicle-0 Determination

Traditional methods of finding product drawing coordinate systems for each fixture/tool are slow, expensive, and vulnerable to inaccuracies.

RoboLive®‘s Bestfit algorithm continuously computes more useful and reliable frames of reference without any special equipment or measurement time, and generates robot programs that use them.

Eat your cake and have it too.

Your production system becomes more robust, adjustable, and accurate. With less downtime.

Allow programmers to seamlessly interoperate between real and simulated environments.

Case Study: Existing program vs. RoboLive® program uploaded to the simulation environment. Existing program uses obsolete/incorrect frame data. Simulation uses theoretical equipment placement, models, and frames.

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Robot Software Overview

Find useful robot information for programming, oversight, and analytics. Always up to date.

Table format shown is for web demonstration only. Data is provided in Excel format for filtering and sort capabilities.

5. Element

Logic Insertion

Standardized program instructions are added automatically, performed exactly to specifications.

LogicDetail_Inserted LogicDetail_Sim

6. Element

Robot Documentation

Real-time technical manuals are produced for each robot providing consistently formatted, actionable information.

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