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System Integrators

New opportunities for plant commissioning and optimization with RoboLive®!


Challenges during commissioning

Information density

With the rising use of robots, the volume of data has increased dramatically. Key information is out of reach due to the impracticality of manual analysis.


Tight schedules, late information and changes to the plant increase the time pressure. As a result, precision suffers, which means that quality requirements are rarely met in full.


Partial subcontracting as well as freelance programmers often leads to qualitatively different results. This raises the question of responsibility.

Best Practice

Since Dressler Automation is a system integrator itself, we benefit from RoboLive® on a daily basis.

less personnel during
In our last project we only needed half the personnel during commissioning.
less total effort
Futhermore we reduced around a quarter of the usual work effort.
We succeeded primarily because with Path Calibration we shifted work from commissioning to planning and programming. Although this required a small amount of additional work up front, it resulted in immense quality improvements in addition to the time and personnel savings.
In addition, we continuously documented and controlled our commissioning with the Process Visualization, so that all changes and adjustments were traceable at any time. This enabled us to correct all errors early on, so that significantly less refinement was necessary. Thanks to the documented quality, no warranty claims needed to be made afterwards.

Savings potential

RoboLive® minimizes and prevents various cost factors that usually occur during the commission of manufacturing plants.
Use the given data or the data of your manufacturing plant.
Estimate your savings potential.

The parameters of this calculation are based on our own experience.


Our calculation example assumes the following parameters:

10 lines
3000 hours/line

300 programming corrections
1 hour/correction

50 $/hour wage cost