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New opportunities for quality assurance and maintenance with RoboLive®!


Challenges during the production

Information density

With the rising use of robots, the volume of data has increased dramatically. Key information is out of reach due to the impracticality of manual analysis.

Quality assurance

To ensure the quality of production, inaccurate processes are often adjusted iteratively. The root cause of process issues or even the awareness of the problems go unnoticed, lost in the sea of data.

Data distribution

From many documents, different version statuses exist, because of partial or undocumented changes.

Best Practice

Using RoboLive®, a customer in the automotive industry identified or corrected over 6000 issues with 7000+ process points.
Production, maintenance, specialists, and quality assurance use RoboLive® on a daily basis.
Safety through permanent control
With RoboLive®, a customer was able to detect errors by the commissioning contractor before the lines were handed over, ensuring quality before production even started.
Since then, they have always used RoboLive® for monitoring new commissioning.
One customer originally needed up to 45 minutes to search for process data in the planning documents, welding controllers, and robot programs.
With RoboLive®, all relevant information is immediately available to them without interrupting production.
This effiencency translates into real cost savings for the customer – over $80,000 per year. This means payback on the investment could be in less than 2 years.
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Savings potential

RoboLive® minimizes and prevents various cost factors that usually occur during the operation of manufacturing plants. Use the given data or the data of your manufacturing plant. Estimate your savings potential.

The parameters of this calculation are based on our customer’s experience.


Our calculation example assumes the following parameters and could generate over $1 Million in savings annually:

150 000 vehicles per year

1 model
35 lines

3 year terms of 48 weeks
5 days (24 h) per week

Rework: 40 $/hour
Programming: 50 $/hour
RoboLive®-User: 60 $/hour

Recall risk

As previously mentioned, RoboLive® can save immediate costs such as downtime costs, opportunity costs, and wage costs. But it can also mitigate the risk of a recall which can lead to immense costs, approaching $10 Million.
NHTSA records 126 recalls (approximately 1.18 million units) that could have been prevented by RoboLive®. Most units had mislocated or missed processing.


We believe Subaru could have avoided the Ascent recall in 2019 – had they used RoboLive®:
Missing welds
Units affected
Vehicle replacement
Est. Remedy cost/unit
$ 31 995
Est. total cost
$ 9 374 535
Brand damage