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SOUTHTEC 2023 in Review

The robotic revolution continues to transform the manufacturing landscape of our country, and nowhere is that fact more visible than the South. It’s home to massive manufacturing facilities for some of the nation’s largest automotive producers, and it’s also where our own RoboLive® North America office is located–conveniently settles in Chattanooga, TN to provide support to the town’s major auto producer Volkswagen.

SOUTHTEC 2023 is an event that puts the spotlight on manufacturing professionals in this special region. Held annual in the vibrant town of Greenville, South Carolina, it’s a manufacturing technology trade show that brings together industry leaders in fields from automotive to aviation.

And it’s exactly these kinds of professionals that are benefiting form our software solution RoboLive®. As a one-stop suite of powerful tools, RoboLive® is designed to help you take control of your industrial robots and get up-to-date visual ensigns into your production processes in just a few clicks. Major manufacturers all around the world have already seen how RoboLive® can see them in scrap, recall, and downtime: concrete numbers that move the dial on critical statistics like OEE.

If you want a chance to see RoboLive® for yourself, you don’t need to wait for our next event appearance. Engineers are standing by to provide custom consultations or live demonstrations of the RoboLive® software package—reach out today to schedule a meeting for your team. And if you’d prefer a more hands-on look, demo and trail installations are available, including the recent exclusive demo version specially made for battery manufactures.

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