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An Inside Look at FABTECH 2023

While nowadays better known for deep-dish pizza and an iconic silver bean, Chicago has a rich history as a manufacturing hub. The city was a key site in the early days of the industrial revolution and, can even trace its roots in production technology as far back as the first assembly lines that would go on to inspire Ford Motor Company to produce the Model-T. Today, many manufacturers still call the historic city home, and the industrial sector in the area supplies over 200,000 jobs. 

Chicago is also home to a world-class manufacturing trade show that’s of particular interest to those in the automotive industry. FABTECH, North America’s largest show for fabrication and welding technology, is held annually in the city for over 40,000 attendees and hundreds of exhibitors.  

RoboLive® is specially designed for manufacturing professionals who work with welding and joining robots, so FABTECH was the perfect place to make our introductions. Using RoboLive®, you can even visualize complex data like weld and glue parameters at a glance, making it easy for you to understand what your robots are doing.  

That’s not all that RoboLive® can do. Combining new analysis tools with powerful visualization and change tracking, RoboLive® lets you take control of your production robots.  Major automotive manufacturers around the world are already finding out what RoboLive® is capable of: by reducing downtime, scrap, & personnel costs, RoboLive® can return seven-figure savings annualy. 

It’s our team’s mission to get this valuable software into the hands every manufacturer that can benefit from it: That’s why we’ve been on the road and making appearances this year at trade shows from Chicago to Hannover. Over the 5 days of FABTECH, we showed the world just how powerful RoboLive® really is—and learned from stakeholders what we can do to continue improving this revolutionary solution.  

If you weren’t able to make it to FABTECH, don’t worry. We’re happy to offer a live demonstration of RoboLive® or a custom consultation at your convenience—just reach out to our team, or schedule directly on Calendly. Your next chance to see RoboLive® in person will be this October, at SOUTHTEC in Greenville, South Carolina: For latest updates, follow us on LinkedIn today.  




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