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RoboLive® Names New Operating Manager

Effective January 1st, Heiner Steinbrink is named as RoboLive®’s new operating manager. Together with founder Ralph Dreßler, he will form the head of the growing team moving forward.

Steinbrink comes to the RoboLive® team from Osnabrück, Germany, where he began his career at the Osnabrück Economic Development Agency. There he worked in business support and innovation consulting, experience he has continued to develop throughout his career in the exciting German start-up landscape. Steinbrink’s leadership will help the RoboLive® team navigate a period of rapid growth after a successful launch.

As an international project, RoboLive®’s team is spread between Brunswick, Germany and Chattanooga, Tennessee—both major hubs for automotive manufactures that use RoboLive® in production. Steinbrink began his work with a visit to the team’s US office. Already closely familiar with the software and its capabilities, he believes RoboLive® has the power to transform the current manufacturing automation landscape. A unique software solution for system integrators and manufacturers working with industrial robots, RoboLive® offers new ways to increase productivity and ensure quality. “My drive is to leverage this potential and to bring the great benefits of RoboLive® to our customers,” Steinbrink said.

First customers are already discovering just how much RoboLive® can do for them. The software has been making a splash at trade shows around the world, being named one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Products at IZB 2022 in Wolfsburg.

After a team-building session and initial meetings with US-based RoboLive® team members, Steinbrink has returned to Lower Saxony, where he will meet with local industry leaders and demonstrate RoboLive®’s value to manufacturers. “I saw RoboLive® in action for the first time at the IZB trade fair in Wolfsburg 2022 and was immediately impressed,” Steinbrink said. “The software has the potential to have a radical impact on robotic manufacturing processes.”




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