Wolfsburg Autostadt and Factory Tour

The RoboLive® team is split between Germany and America, so we always make the most of a chance to meet in-person. After concluding our presence at IZB, we took a team visit to Autostadt, the automobile themed park and exhibition center in town. Built in 2000, the Autostadt is a symbolic representation of the automotive industry that powers Wolfsburg: The park is located right near the Volkswagen manufacturing plant in town, which is the largest automobile factory in the world.

The Autostadt is a big attraction for locals and tourists alike—across its museums, lawns, and pavilions, the park receives more than 2 million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular themed parks in Germany. The sprawling campus features content from brands like Audi and Porsche, whose information pavilion with real display vehicles was one of our team’s favorites. We also took an insightful tour of the ZeitHaus, an onsite museum dedicated to the history of the automobile.

Our visit to Wolfsburg concluded with a tour of the nearby Volkswagen plant. As expected of the world’s largest car factory, the plant produces almost a million cars each year. That means a lot of robots at work—many more than here at the Chattanooga plant, where RoboLive® is currently deployed. While all our team members are familiar with the inner workings of a car factory, experiencing a plant the size of VW Wolfsburg was a unique opportunity. All told, the factory is bigger than the entire country of Monaco.

After closing out our trip with a pizza dinner, we’re back in the office and ready to keep improving RoboLive®. It’s the end of a busy season that saw our teams travel from Smyrna to Detroit, to Germany and back again. We’re thankful for all the feedback we’ve gotten along the way, and already looking forward to the next opportunity. Want to be the next to see RoboLive® in action? Contact our team at any time for a consultation.

IZB 2022, Wolfsburg

900 exhibitions, 50,000 visitors, and 3 days after it began, last week marked the closing of IZB (the International Suppliers Fair) in Wolfsburg, Germany. It’s a major event—the biggest automotive trade show in Europe—and featured exhibitions and presentations from industry leaders and startups alike. As a provider of software used by major automotive manufacturers, we were thrilled to be among this year’s exhibitors. RoboLive®’s booth was located in Hall 6, in the area for metalworking, car body construction, and joining technology experts.

While the general show floor was exciting, the RoboLive® team made another appearance at IZB. We were chosen for exhibition in the Software Marketplace: a showcase space for 12 select software providers where we were able to demonstrate RoboLive®’s unique features. For manufacturers like Volkswagen (one of IZB’s sponsors), it’s an important part of maintaining efficient and quality robotic production.

Between our exhibition booth in Hall 6 and software marketplace presence in Hall 1, we had a great time meeting and talking with attendees. But the highlight of the show was the IZB Live Stage, space for industry leaders to give live presentations on the next generation of manufacturing technology. On Tuesday, our CEO Ralph Dressler led a talk on process visualization for robots. The full presentation has been archived on IZB’s website, so feel free to view it if you weren’t able to attend.
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Overall, IZB was a great success. As excited as we were to show RoboLive®, attendees were more excited to hear about it: At the show’s conclusion, we were honored to be named one of IZB’s Top 20 Innovative Products.

After a successful year of traveling to trade shows around the world, IZB is the final appearance planned for the RoboLive® team in 2022. RoboLive® is always improving thanks to feedback from real users and interested parties, so we’re grateful for a successful year of feedback—and ready to keep on improving.

Didn’t get a chance to attend the show? If you want to meet our team, or would like a demonstration of RoboLive®, please reach out via our contact form.

Nissan Manufacturing Innovation Summit 2022

RoboLive being demonstrated at a trade show.

Fall has been as busy season for the team, as we travel around to trade shows across the globe introducing RoboLive®. Our most recent stop was in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Located just a few minutes outside Nashville, the town is only a short drive from our office in Chattanooga. It’s home to the Smyrna branch of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology: a campus for teaching technical skills to the next generation of manufacturing professionals. Sponsored through a public-private partnership with automotive giant Nissan, it’s outfitted with all the latest in robotic production equipment and training tools.

TCAT Smyrna is also home to the annual Nissan Manufacturing Innovation Summit. The two-day event trade fair is focused on the latest innovations in manufacturing technology, and draws professionals from all over the region. The RoboLive® team was thrilled to be selected as exhibitors at this year’s show, and our representatives hosted two presentations on digital twin technology.

The summit was enlightening, and it was a great opportunity to meet the next generation of industry professionals. From welding students to robot programmers, attendees at the show all had one thing in common: Everyone was excited to hear about RoboLive®. As a completely new solution to a familiar set of challenges, RoboLive®’s QA and optimization capabilities have to be seen to be believed. That’s exactly why we’re on the road, and why the Nissan Manufacturing Innovation Summit was such a big success.

If you’re looking to meet the team or see the software in action, we’re headed next to Wolfsburg, Germany, later this month for IZB. Not planning to attend? Just fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will be happy to schedule your live demonstration.