Automate 2022, Detroit

Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan.
608 miles between DSTATION CreativSpace in Chattanooga and Convention Center in Detroit.
Over a hundred songs in the car.
At the beginning of June, we presented RoboLive® in the USA for the first time at Automate, the largest automation trade show in North America. What can we say? We weren’t expecting the amount of attention our booth received. But we did expect that all our guests would be enthusiastic about our solution RoboLive®. This also applied to everyone we spoke to at the street food festival. And at the networking event. And at every booth we visited.
We met so many interesting people, had exciting conversations and continued to grow together as a team. And we noticed the interest RoboLive® is getting. In summary, we can only say: Automate 2022 was a complete success.
608 miles.
And it was worth every mile.