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How it works

You have your own RoboLive® server.
You provide it with data, it analyzes the data and distributes the results to your people.
Your authorized users can control the planned process data. For example, they can add a weld, change the planned robot for a process, or modify process IDs.Your standard users can access results using the RoboLive® client software, which is included for everyone.

What's required

You Give
Robot Information
Controller IP address
Production line
Main sequence name used for each product
Planned Process Information
*Name / ID
Production line
X (mm)
Y (mm)
Z (mm)
*W (deg)
*P (deg)
*R (deg)
*Length (mm)
*Model ID
*Additional info desired
Basic Product CAD (JT, STEP, PLY, etc.)
Robot Archives

* if applicable

You Get
RoboLive® server (virtual machine)
RoboLive® client application installation files
Results at desired frequency
Process Visualization
*Vehicle-0 Determination
Optimal vehicle-0 frame data for robots with 3+ linked process points
Analytics/statistical data of vehicle-0 frames
Current tool and base frame data with comments
Program Bank including;
Robot programs updated to use Bestfit frames
Robot programs updated to use Bestfit frames with nominal process coordinates
*Robot Path Calibration
Client software application (with installation files) to;
Create and manage calibration points

Calibrate robot programs on-demand

*Robot Software Overview
Current robot information in tabular form, including fields;
  • Robot name
  • Production line
  • PLC
  • Safety circuit
  • Robot type
  • Bus type
  • Applications
  • Software version
  • User software versions
  • Hostname
  • Ethernet IP
  • Robot Serial
  • Baseframes used
  • Toolframes used
  • Payloads used
  • Main programs
  • Sub programs
  • Logic programs
  • Payload max
  • Payloads
  • Armloads
  • Mastering
  • Axis limits (min)
  • Axis limits (max)
  • Baseframes
  • Toolframes
  • Warnings
*Logic Insertion
Client software application (with installation files) to revise robot programs with logic inserted according to specifications
*Robot Documentation
Current technical manual for each robot (.pdf) with hyperlinked table of contents

What results

Example Scenario: RoboLive® Valuation
Production weeks: 48
Production days: 5 / week (24-hr)
Annual units produced (all product types): 150,000
Product types manufactured: 1
Production lines/product (average): 35
Product life (time until recommissioning needed): 3 years
Average sales price: $25,000 @ 5% margin
Scrap cost reduced
Utilization improvement
Wage reduction
Opportunity cost reduction
Recall risk mitigation

Check your data

Use the spreadsheet to see the calculation details and check with your own data & estimates.

Estimated Savings

for a manufacturer of 150k vehicles annually

$932,049/ year

Using the elements:

Process Visualization
Path Calibration
Vehicle-0 Determination
Robot Software Overview
Logic Insertion
Robot Documentation
Review Elements Details
These options are recommended for most manufacturers.
*Commissioning cost savings are not included in this estimate.*


  • Required
  • RoboLive_Icon
    Server (Option 1: lease)
    $6,000 / month
    RoboLive® server as a virtual machine, deployed in customer data center
    Includes the Process Visualization with unlimited installations
    + Keep up to date with the latest updates, features, and support
  • RoboLive_Icon
    Server (Option 2: purchase)
    RoboLive® server as a virtual machine, deployed in customer data center
    Includes the Process Visualization with unlimited installations
  • Prices_Product Setup2
    Add a new product to RoboLive® (e.g. new vehicle model)
  • Optional
  • robolive_elements-06
    Robot Path Calibration
    $4,000 / month
  • robolive_elements-02
    Vehicle-0 Determination
    $3,000 / month
    Minimum of 6 months or 1-time analysis available for $10,000
  • robolive_elements-05
    Robot Software Overview
    $1,000 / month
  • robolive_elements-04
    Logic Insertion
    Contact for details
  • robolive_elements-01
    Robot Documentation
    $1000 / month
  • Other Rates
    As needed
  • robolive_iconplatzhalter-01
    $200 / hour
  • robolive_iconplatzhalter-01
    $200 / hour
  • robolive_iconplatzhalter-01
    Commercial rates at time of service
Example Scenario: Annual ROI
Est. Annual Cost
$6,000 / month
$50,000 / life (3 yr)
$16,667 (amortized)
Vehicle-0 Determination
$3,000 / month
Robot Software Overview
$1,000 / month
Robot Documentation
$1,000 / month
Annual cost
Annual Savings
Return on investment
+527 %

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